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Gipsy soul

My whole life I’ve always felt some sort of urge and restlessness.

In my early teenage years, I would go to the bookshops and look through all the books that had pictures of beautiful places around the earth. I would imagine that I am at those places, and kept telling myself that one day I will visit them all.

The urge to travel and explore came to me very early, even when I was told that I am moving to Iceland, at the age of 9 - I was super excited.

Back then I was in grade 3, I said sayonara to my classmates and my friends and left, without looking back (I believe some of them were sadder than me, back then)

I would take some trips here and there. I would often go on road trips with my parents and when I was old enough – with my friends. I would also for on trips to nature and the mountains. The urge to travelling never left.

At the age of 21, I decided to pack my bags and moved to Norway - for the second time (this time by my own choice). That was my first step, towards the big world out there.

Living and working in Norway gave me opportunities to travel and explore more, but for some years it didn’t feel like “home”. I was looking for the feeling of “belonging” and I started travelling even more, which actually gave me that feeling – at least for the short time.

Travelling became my getaway, freedom & seeking for belonging –even an addiction. The urge of exploring, and discover new places, cultures and countries, became very strong. At first, travelling was to escape reality, but then it turned into the journey of finding myself. I realised that with each travel I became more open-minded.

My curious nomadic spirit is always seeking new adventures - which allowed me to discover the Gipsy Soul within me. Someone that has a strong urge of exploring more of the world.

In a way that has made it harder for me to settle anywhere, I live. I might be physically settled in the place, or partly settles, but mentally I always have the feeling, that soon I’ll be going on a new adventure, exploring and experiencing new places.

At this moment, at the age of 30 – I’ve visited 42 countries, met many amazing people from all over the world, and build meaningful connections and beautiful friendships.

Travelling became a part of my identity- and the gipsy soul can’t wait to get on a new adventure!

Do you have a gipsy soul?

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