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Earthquakes in the country of Fire & Ice

Today we experienced the strongest earthquakes that many of us have experienced for the first time in our lives. The strongest earthquake was 5,7 richer, followed by multiple smaller ones. Total of 60 earthquakes and most of them were above 3.0 richer. I have never felt anything like this before. The feeling of the ground under your feet, walls, and all furniture shaking... can be quite scary, but same time unique experience.

In Iceland, we are kind of used to quakes here and there because they can be frequent (nothing like this though).

How come?

It has a lot to do with Iceland's location. the island is a hotspot located in Mid-Atlantic Range and is divergent of 2 tectonic plates that are pulling away from each other. Because of that Iceland is a volcanic island, has 30 active volcano systems that occasionally erupt, as you may know, and maybe remember Eyjafjallajökull Vulcano (I dare you to say it out loud). Volcanic is what causes the earth to shake.

You may have heard that Iceland has geothermal sources, hence Iceland doesn't need to heat up the water, just gets hot from natural sources. That is also the reason for geothermal baths in Iceland.

You can find natural hot baths hiding in nature. Iceland also offers amazing swimming pools and other types of hot baths.

Most of you think of Blue Lagoon when hearing the word Iceland. Blue Lagoon is a type of geothermal bath. However, it is not a natural bath. Long story short, there was an explosion/disaster in the geothermal manufacturer, that caused the water to leak out and formed the hot lake filled with natural minerals and is now loved by locals and one of the main tourist attractions.

Why Iceland is called Fire & Ice?

That's an easy one!

Fire, well as you have been reading above, it's a volcanic island.

Ice, it says in the name Ice-land. Not only the island is located 64° up north, but it also has the largest glacier (Vatnajökull) in Europe.


Ruta Z.

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