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10 year anniversary

Today is a special day for me- It marks 10 year anniversary in Norway.

What an incredible journey it has been!

A decade ago, a week after my graduation I packaged my bags and came to Norway.

I thought to myself, I'll stay here for about 3 years, and move somewhere else, probably somewhere warmer.

But, life happens - 10 years later, I am still here.

My journey started in Stavanger, where I lived for 3 years, then a year in Lillehammer, and then in Oslo, where I am located up to this day.

Travelled around Norway and fell in love with its beautiful nature, especially the mountains up north in Lofoten and Senja. Norway gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion for traveling the world and now I have visited 42 countries and counting.

During the pandemic, I was happy being in Norway and having the chance to take walks in the forest, which helped me stay mentally well. Started my company and established a non-profit organization. Experienced both the best and worst days of my life here. Met a lot of amazing people along the way that some of them I am happy and grateful to call my closest friends (though some of them live in different cities and countries now).

Went through pictures for the past 10 years, to choose the best ones, and choosing only a few pictures from all those memories was challenging.

Grateful to Norway, the opportunities, friends, and all the people I met along the way during this journey.


Ruta Zak

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